Kirk Findlay

Meet the Writer/Director, Kirk Findlay, whose passion for the camera started with a Kodak Super-8 camera as a teenager. Hailing from Vancouver, WA, Kirk's unwavering love for filmmaking collided with baseball, collecting sports cards, watching Portland sporting events and writing a weekly column for his school newspaper.  From Little League all-star, to pitching his high school teams to three State Finals.
A graduate of Washington State University, he interned at ABC-TV station KATU, worked as a sports reporter, then behind the camera as a writer/ producer of short and long films. After producing several short films and videos for advertising agencies, he directed his first documentary on  Showman, theater promoter  Jack Matlack.
Two years later, his first feature doc “Farewell Beavers” aired on CBS-TV after game 2 of the World Series and received critical acclaim, which led to “Rose City Hockey' aired on FOX, followed by the short “Winterhawks.” While other films were in development, he worked at several TV stations as an on-air host, feature reporter, and anchored the nightly sports and weather segments on network affiliates.
Through an illustrious vision, reaching back to The Pioneer team of 1866, Kirk has crafted his latest documentary, “Pioneers of the Pacific,” on the original baseball players and teams of the West.

Executive Producer, Lucy Ramsdell

Executive Producer, Lucy Ramsdell
Lucy Ramsdell, originally from Southern California, has led a diverse and impactful life journey. Growing up, she developed a deep passion for sports, particularly through her love for the "Dream Team" of the Dodgers. Her athletic talents also shone through her track and field achievements at the collegiate level. As she delved into her artistic pursuits of photography and sketching, she honed her unique style and creativity.

Known as the 'fastest fingers' in the West during her time as a grocery checker, Lucy's efficiency and dedication led her to take on the significant roles of shop steward and later, a union representative with Local 555 in Portland. Her exceptional organizational skills and ability to resolve grievances effectively showcased her as a shining leader within the union.

Lucy's exceptional listening skills and forward-thinking vision proved invaluable in problem-solving and leadership. For 28 fruitful years in the Pacific Northwest, she raised her sons and deeply appreciated the region's natural beauty and opportunities.

Following her early retirement, Lucy delved into authorship with her first book, "Ball 'n Chains," which explores themes of prison reform and baseball at Walla Walla State Prison. Through meticulous research spanning several decades and substantial archival work, she is bringing to light compelling narratives and images from the past.

Lucy's creative talents also extended to her role as Executive Producer for "Pioneers of the Pacific," a new documentary nearing completion from Findlay Films. Her background in artistic endeavors has led to a two hour 'rough cut' with three trailers and an award winning poster design!

Currently based in Palm Springs, Lucy is the proud mother of two grown sons, both actively contributing to their community in Vancouver, Washington. Her journey continues to inspire through her multifaceted contributions to art, advocacy, and storytelling.
Editor/Sound Designer/Colorist
Natalie Bible’ is a multi-award winning filmmaker, sound designer & activist from Knoxville, Tennessee, with a passion for creating projects that are compelling and impactful. Her versatility and “outside the box” approach draw actors & production staff to her projects. Her work has screened theatrically, on television & digital, and in hundreds of film festivals across the globe winning 100+ awards including the Grand Jury Prize for ‘Best Picture’ at the 2018 Nice International Film Festival.Some of her work includes “Fate” based on the true story of Fate Vincent Winslow from Executive Producer Anthony Mackie, “High Tide” a social justice thriller starring Andrew Keegan & Sonalii Castillo, “I Am Still Here” a riveting award winning drama focusing on the harrowing issue of child sex trafficking, “The Junkyard Dogs” starring Denise Richards & Patrick Muldoon, “Sci-Fi Thriller “Omniscient” which premiered at Festival de Cannes and was acquired by Amazon in 2016, “Hacked” starring Andy Allo released by Sony Pictures, “Damon’s Revenge” starring Michael Madsen & Robert LaSardo, psychological thriller “Windsor Drive” starring Samaire Armstrong, Jillian Murray & Matt Cohen among many more titles. She has worked with companies such as Sony, Fox, Lionsgate, CBS, Viacom, Delta, WestJet Airlines, PBS, and others.Natalie is also the co-founder of Queen Palm International Film Festival in Palm Springs, California. She is a strong advocate for women and minorities. Her goal has always been to give back and help others through her creative endeavors as much as possible.

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